Pensioners and Former Employees of H P Bulmer


EFB Benevolent Fund pensioners Hereford

In 1938, Fred Bulmer gave a block of his shares in the Company to the E_F Bulmer Benevolent Fund. He was concerned that he should take care of the workers that had helped with the company’s success, as well as the community of Hereford in general. The Fund’s primary purpose is still the welfare of former employees, whom it helps with extra pensions and individual grants.


Mrs Janet Hill, who is well known to many former employees, having worked in the Company for 40 years, is the Welfare Manager for Bulmer pensioners. She can be contacted through the Fred Bulmer Centre. Her role is to liaise with Bulmer pensioners to ensure their well-being. She also liaises with Capita plc in Sheffield, which is now responsible for payment of pensions to former H P Bulmer employees. Her role includes investigating requests for financial assistance from the E F Bulmer Benevolent Fund.


Pensioners and former employees are also encouraged to visit the Fred Bulmer Centre, where they are assured of a warm welcome. Access is from Wall Street or from the back of the Tesco car park.


Please let Janet Hill know if you have any concerns or problems that she or the Fund may be able to help with. If you know of any other former Bulmer employee who may be in need of assistance, please put them in touch with Janet Hill.


Mrs Janet Hill
Welfare Manager

Pensioners and former H P Bulmer employees wishing to contact us – please click here.