Guidelines for Grants from the Fund

Note to Applicants: some changes to application procedure have recently been made (November 2019), so please read this section thoroughly before applying.

Background & history

From its inception, the E F Bulmer Benevolent Fund assisted former and current Bulmer employees in a variety of ways, and also made grants to local charities.

H P Bulmer Pensioners & Former Employees

The Fund is primarily for the benefit of people who have been employees of H P Bulmer Holdings plc or its subsidiary companies for a period of not less than one year, or their dependants, who are impoverished, sick or otherwise in need. If you are a former employee seeking a grant, please visit the Pensioners and Former Employees page.

Grants To organisations With Herefordshire Employees

The Trustees make grants to Herefordshire-based charitable organisations or groups existing for the relief or avoidance of poverty or sickness of people in Herefordshire. Community facilities and arts projects are not normally supported. The Trustees try to ensure that any grant awarded will make a genuine and significant improvement to the work of the group supported. This is normally achieved by visits by a Trustee or the Administrator to organisations requesting grants in order to assess their real needs.

Types of Grant.

The Fund will support revenue funding (running costs), but only for one year at a time, and project or capital funding.

Sizes and Examples of Previous Grants.

In 2018-2019, grants ranging from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds were made to some 80 organisations and included:
• Age UK Hereford and Localities: £5,000 Information & Advice Services
• Basement Youth Trust: £8,000 running costs
• Close House: £5,000 Saturday drop-in sessions
• Community Action Ledbury: £6,500 running costs
• Deaf Direct: £3,000 running costs
• ECHO: £5,000 Service User Involvement Facilitator
• EnviroAbility: £9,000 kitchen refurbishment and running costs (2 grants)
• Hay Dial-a-Ride: £5,000 running costs
• Hereford Deaf Children’s Society: £3,500 residential activities
• Herefordshire Growing Point: £6,000 running costs
• Herefordshire Headway: £7,500 Day Centre costs
• Herefordshire Mind: £10,027 ArtSpace project
• Herefordshire Riding for the Disabled: £9,500 running costs
• Herefordshire Veterans Support Group: £5,016 running costs
• Home-Start Herefordshire: £3,500 running costs
• HOPE Family Centre: £7,342 running costs
• In Their Shoes: £7,000 running costs
• Leominster District Community Association: £4,000 running costs
• Leominster Meeting Centre: £5,000 running costs
• Look UK: £19,250 Herefordshire Youth Forum Co-ordinator
• Marches Family Network: £7,347 Youth Clubs
• Megan Baker House: £7,000
• Newton Farm Community Association: £6,000 running costs
• Tenbury NILS: £6,000 running costs
• Vennture: £20,000 Family Pastors Project
• Walford Parish Council: £3,000 Community Support Scheme Co-ordinator
• Worcester CAB: £4,000 Herefordshire CAB Services
• Yeleni Support Centre For Cancer & Chronic Illness: £6,000 running costs

Application Guidelines

1. Guidelines. Read these Guidelines! If you don’t understand anything, E-mail the Administrator.
2. Application Form. Note that all applicants are required to fill in the Application Form for Organisations. This gives us the basic information to assess your eligibility, and ensures that you send us all the information we need. Changes to the Application Form are made periodically, so ensure that you are using the most recent version of the form, which says when it was last updated. Applications made on out of date forms will be rejected.
3. The Application. On no more than 2 sheets of A4 (no smaller than 12 point font!), tell your own story in your own words: who you are, what you do, who benefits, how much it costs, your main sources of income and how much is still needed.
4. Budget. Attach the organisation’s budget for the current and following years, and, if you are seeking project funding, the project budget. This should be brief, no more than one sheet when printed (we don’t want monthly cash flow projections etc) and should be no more than one sheet of A4 when printed. Include the main expenditure headings and main sources of promised or expected income, and the shortfall (which is, of course, what you are asking us to help with). If you are unclear about the requirement, see the template budget here.
5. Reports and Accounts. If your most recent report and accounts are available on the Charity Commission Website, or another easily accessible Website, state this on the form and do not send them. If they are not available on-line, they should be submitted with the application.
6. Organisations which have not previously successfully applied to the Fund. E-mail the Administrator before making an application as he will usually wish to meet or visit you before you make the formal application.
7. Organisations Based outside Herefordshire but who have Herefordshire Beneficiaries. Organisations based outside Herefordshire, but working with specific Herefordshire-based beneficiaries, may be supported. We will need to know how many people in Herefordshire you support and what it costs to support them. E-mail the Administrator to discuss this before making an application: this will save your time and ours.
8. Submission of Applications. Your hard copy application should be sent to the Administrator at the address on the form.
9. Meeting Dates and Deadlines. The trustees meet 4 times a year, usually in March, June, September and December. Cut off dates are the 1st of the preceding month: 1 February, 1 May, 1 August, 1 November. Eligible applications are acknowledged and applicants will be told when their application will be considered and will be informed of the result as soon as possible after the meeting. Replies will not be sent to ineligible applicants.
10. Help with Applications. Organisations are encouraged to E-mail the Administrator, who is very happy to discuss applications before submission.

Grants To Individuals In Herefordshire

Grants to Herefordshire residents from the EFBSmall grants (under £500) can be made for individuals resident in Herefordshire but who have no H P Bulmer connection. These applications are usually dealt with within a week or two. Applications should be made by E-mail by an organisation (public sector, charity etc) with knowledge of the individual’s circumstances, not directly by the individual applicant. The organisation should read and act upon the Individual Small Grant Application Guidelines and fill in the Application Form for Individuals. The Administrator will make contact with the organisation once the information is received. Changes to the Guidelines and Application Form are made periodically, so ensure that you are using the most recent update (both documents say when they were last updated). Applications made on out of date forms will be rejected.

If your beneficiaries are not resident in Herefordshire, please do not make an application.

Paddy Nugent

Pensioners and Former Employees page

Application Form for Organisations  (Word Doc.) 
Application Form for Organisations (PDF Doc.)